Here at Ashley Hill Carpentry and Building Services we also specialise in loft conversions. Now the great thing about loft conversions is that in most cases, no planning permission is required. This makes them a great alternative to home extensions if you need a little bit more space in your property. Lofts are usually underused in many homes are usually used for nothing more than storing boxes full of toys, clothes or anything else that no longer has a use.

With a loft conversion, you can turn this space into something far more functional. Want an office you can work from that will offer peace and quiet but also be more spacious? Have a new child coming along and you are running out of bedroom space? Then these are just two reasons why you should consider getting a loft conversion in Somerset.

At Ashley Hill Carpentry and Building Services, we have the skills, expertise and experience at turning unused loft spaces into stylish new living areas. We start by putting together plans for the conversion and once agreed by you, we get to work in creating a living space that will give you more room in your home.

So, contact us today to discuss your new possible living space directly on 01458 441598 or alternatively call us on 07712 170740.